Chabad of Downtown hosts over 200 visitors each year.
Whether you are visiting Toronto for work or on vacation, we would love to have you.


What services does Chabad of Downtown host?

Chabad of Downtown hosts a Shabbat morning service at 10:00 AM followed by a Kiddush. We also have holiday services.

Does Chabad of Downtown have weekday minyans?

Is there an eruv in downtown Toronto?

We do not have minyans outside of Shabbos and holidays. For weekday minyans, please search downtown at FrumToronto, or search “Toronto” at GoDaven.


No, there is no eruv in downtown Toronto.

Are there Kosher restaurants downtown?

Visit COR for a list of kosher dining options in Toronto. Kosher options downtown are highly limited.

  • King David Pizza (Mount Sinai Hospital), 600 University Avenue (10-20 mins), $$: Kosher menu items including pizza, falafel, bourekas and more.
  • Bannock Cafe, 401 Bay Street (7-15 mins), $$: sandwiches and sushi
    • NOTE: The Cafe is not kosher, but offers sealed Kosher items from an outside supplier
  • Second Cup locations, $$ sandwiches and baked goods (Note: The Cafe is not kosher only sealed items from Grodzinski Bakery) 
    • 145 King Street W, (5-10 mins) Adelaide Centre
    • 40 King Street W, (6-12 mins) Scotia Place
    • 333 Bay Street, (7-15 mins)
    • 600 University Avenue (10-20 mins) Mount Sinai Hospital and SickKids
    • 30 Bond Street, (10-20 mins) St. Michael’s Hospital
  • Windsor Arms Hotel, 18 St. Thomas Street (42 mins), $$$: Kosher menu items including: soup salad, fish, steak, and more. 

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated nor do we endorse any restaurant. Travel time from Chabad was estimated using the car and bus function of Google Maps.

What are some Shabbat-friendly hotels close to Chabad of Downtown?

There are no formal shabbat-friendly hotels. For example, all the hotels use electric keys. While most of them are sensitive to your needs, some will be more accommodating than others.  

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated nor do we endorse any hotel. Travel time was estimated using Google Maps and price range using on August 11th, 2018.